We have various Virtuemart support options available. Basic, once off support, is available starting at R450 ($45) per hour. For more cost-effective ongoing support we offer an ongoing support agreements as listed below. Generally speaking most smaller Virtuemart issues can be solved within an hour.

Quick Support
Up to 1 Hour once-off support

Perfect for the repair of smaller issues and a variety of quick fixes.

R600 per hour
Detailed Support
2 or more hours once-off support

Ideal for repairing of more complex issues, upgrading of websites or website transfers.

R450 per hour
Basic Support Plan
1 Hour regular monthly support

Perfect for small online stores that would need a total of roughly 3 hours assitance in any 3 month cycle.
R500 per month
Pro-Support Plan
2 Hours regular monthly support

Perfect for online stores needing regular assistance or for planned ongoing upgrades and improvements
R800 per month
Customised Support
Monthly support based on your specific needs
We can develop a specific service level agreement based on your needs and turn around requirements

Price negotiable