At VisAbility we have been developing Virtuemart eCommerce websites for many years. During that time we have tested several Virtuemart enhancing components and we have been able to filter out the very best for you to use with absolute confidence. In addition to professional plugins and components we also offer core Virtuemart enhancements. These enhancements are made by creating template overrides. These overrides improve the Virtuemart interface and are not lost when upgrading Virtuemart.

The components that meet with our approval are available to you as a VisAbility customer. If you choose to join our Structured Maintenance and Upgrade Plan all your components will be upgraded at no cost as newer versions become available.

Here are a few of our favourite plugins and enhancements: 

Many online stores suffer from a phenomenon know as cart abandonment. What that means is that a client adds items to their cart but for some reasons stops the shopping process. This is often as a result of a poor or complicated checkout process. Our checkout system makes it possible for a new client to checkout from just one screen and for returning customers to checkout in just three clicks and no typing. The major features of this system include:

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Google has made functionality available in its search results that allows specific data to be shown in the results pages. What this does is make specific results stand out as they have added information and obviously stand out against the other results in the page. Our Virtuemart rich snippets plug in allows Google to index product specific information to display in results pages. The data include in the search results includes:

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